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Cloud Transformation

Black Rock has intimate experience with cloud environments, and the process of building security into complicated cloud deployments. With on-the-ground insights from our combined decades of experience, we focus on reducing accidental data exposures as well as preventing unauthorized actors from gaining access to your environment. Black Rock also has the experience to develop, deploy, and migrate your business to the cloud. Enabling your company to become a fully remote business. Our experts will build your environment, and give you the tools to ensure compliance, security, and success in the cloud.

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Software Defined Data Center

Black Rock is uniquely positioned to bring your data into the future. With our industry leading experts, we can create a Software-Defined Data Center(SDDC) built explicitly for your needs. By utilizing virtualization technology, Black Rock can build you a customized data center for any task your company may need. Giving you the flexibility to expand, and innovate freely.

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Operational Technology Engineering

Operational Technology(OT) is hardware and/or software that detects or causes a change, by directly monitoring and/or controlling of industrial resources and events. Black Rock is poised assist you create, maintain, improve, and audit your OT systems. Our engineers are intimately familiar with OT best practices, compliance, and are on the cutting edge of this industry.

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Systems Engineering

Black Rock utilizes the innovative, experienced professionals at our disposal, to plan, integrate, and manage complex systems over their life cycles.

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Industrial Control System Design

Our Security Professionals are unique in that they have provided Certification and Accreditation (C&A) and Assessment and Authorization (A&A) services to General Computing Environments with Global Information Grid connected systems as well as Weapons, Launch Range Instrumentation, and Industrial Control Systems (ICS).

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CISO-as-a-Service is an all-inclusive answer to the growing talent gap in the cybersecurity industry. Most small to mid-sized companies cannot afford the expertise of an experienced CISO. That is why Black Rock offers access to our diverse group of experts from a broad spectrum of backgrounds at a single management point. This gives you the flexibility, affordability, and security resource, to launch your company into a secure future.

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