Black Rock Engineering and Technology Professionals bring a wide breadth of industry knowledge regarding Cyber Security and Real threats to the conducting of commercial business, federal governance, and defense missions.

Black Rock cybersecurity professionals and practices address the increasingly complex variables of cybersecurity by ensuring an organization is able to anticipate, respond to, and manage variable risks in the most effective manner.

We accomplish this by:

  • Reducing the likelihood of a critical cybersecurity-related event from occurring by using empirical and objective trending data from existing operations, industry studies, and our own threat assessment case study
  • We make risk vs. flexibility tradeoffs for new security measures
  • We use the resulting risk vs. flexibility tradeoff results to detail a cybersecurity plan
  • Improve due diligence protection processes for management

How can we further improve compliance with laws and standards related to these incidents?  Our pragmatic approach is proven to solve cyber security related issues by applying “Big Data” and metric based concepts to ensure a resilient IT environment and organization are in place and can be traced through a cyclical Strategy Development and Strategy Execution process.  The BR framework for cybersecurity is simple:

  • Identify business and mission success factors
  • Identify cybersecurity risks that would prevent achieving success factors
  • Identify consequences and costs of those risks being realized
  • Design preliminary organization and corporate structure to mitigate risks
  • Design preliminary technical countermeasures
  • Define continuous monitoring and situational awareness areas of interest
  • Define objectives and prioritization of investment for countermeasures and monitoring
  • Selection of technical solutions and organizational design
  • Implementations of technical solutions and organizational design
  • Daily assessment


Black Rock Engineering and Technology Professionals bring a wide breadth of industry knowledge regarding cybersecurity and real threats to the conducting of commercial business, federal governance, and defense missions.   BR’s professionals are realists when it comes to the technical and social threats that organizations face. We operate under the following assumptions:

  • Cyber threats are real and measurable
  • You will never be 100% secure
  • If you are expending more than 20% of your net profits in the deployment of your security provisions and oversight, then you have already been exploited
  • There is a huge gap in the cybersecurity talent pool that money can’t fix
  • Pick your talent based on demonstrable experience, not the certification of the day


Our professionals adhere to cybersecurity model that is modularized and adaptable to the evolving threat landscape.  Defending your critical infrastructure along with the customers, civil servants, and military personnel that depend on it is a minute-by-minute balancing act.  That balancing act can turn into major human and technology investments and expenses to maintain a formidable security posture.

Every organization needs to be able to tailor its protection profiles and cyber security posture to prevent, detect, and react to the threats that can produce the most detrimental losses.  These are defined as:

  • Loss of Life
  • Loss of Investment
  • Loss of Reputation
  • Liabilities to Customers
  • Loss of Business and Mission Fidelity

This is where the prioritization of investment, systems security engineering and cyber awareness begin.

Black Rock cybersecurity professionals partner with your organization to define the strategies and tactics that are required to combat its specific cybersecurity needs.  Although our professionals are highly certified, they are also immersed in the national and international cyber defense, software development, and academic communities from which the best practices within the field are developed.  As a “New Century Company” we have no interest in selling a set of theories and sticking to a proprietary model.  We give you our best professionals to solve your specific challenges and each organization is unique.


Cybersecurity Services:

  • Designing Cybersecurity Technical Infrastructure
  • Systems Security Engineering for Enterprise Application and Data Management Systems
  • Cybersecurity Analytics
  • Risk Assessments and Asset Protection and Monitoring Planning
  • Cybersecurity Workflow Design
  • Organizational Cyber Awareness Training