Offering expertise in strategy, design, and operations based on our experience with Industrial Control Systems (ICS).  We have extensive experience in securing and integrating ICS.  Our team has led multiple efforts to obtain authorizations for DoD ICS.

Industry Outlook

The reality today is that we live in a mobile and connected world.  ICS are commonly being connected to external networks in order to monitor them remotely.   These systems, if not properly secured, can provide a portal into networks storing sensitive data.  In order to prevent exploitation of these systems and networks, or to provide optimal recovery procedures, these operators and system owners have a need for better tools to secure, monitor and maintain the ICS and supporting equipment. In recent years, we have seen many instances of exploitation of an ICS network to allow unauthorized access.

What we need is implementation of security practices from the inception of the ICS project:

  • Incorporate security in design principles from the early stages of development.
  • Thoroughly test the systems and networks while in development.
  • Ensure proper implementation of security plan.
  • Assess risk from a holistic perspective, taking into account inherited security implementations.